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Here is a place where you can report bugs in Ace of Spades.

Reporting Rules

When entering a bug, make sure you label it. This is done with the following templates:

Label What it means What you type
[CRIT] Critical bug; causes crash {{CritBug}}
[MAJOR] Major bug {{MajorBug}}
[Minor] Minor bug {{MinorBug}}
[Annoy] Annoyance {{Annoyance}}
[ANNOY] Major Annoyance {{MajorAnnoy}}

If applicable, please provide steps to reproduce.

Annoyances and Major Annoyances are not bugs.

If you don't think the issue you are reporting is a bug, and it doesn't necessarily annoy you, don't put it in.

Make sure you place the issue in the correct section. If the correct section isn't there, feel free to create it, or put the issue wherever you see fit.

DO NOT post bugs or glitches that create an unfair advantage in the game.

Additional Labels

Label What it means What you type Other notes
[ WindowsLogo.png WIN] Tested/Witnessed on Windows {{WinBug}} -
[ AppleLogo.png OSX] Tested/Witnessed on Mac OS X {{OsxBug}} -
[RE] Successfully reproduced {{Reproduced}} Can replace an unable to reproduce label
[UR] Unable to reproduce {{UnToRe}} -

Bug Reporting



[ANNOY] [ WindowsLogo.png WIN] Sometimes on occupation or diamond mine the pointer icons do not display, or display the laser spot.


[Minor] Sometimes, if the block underneath a landmine placed by the Mine Launcher is removed, it will fall and land inside of the block below it, becoming impossible to trigger.

[MAJOR] Sometimes, there will be votekicks that will last forever, even if the target player is not in-game.

Ranked Match

Custom Match

[Annoy] [ WindowsLogo.png WIN] The sniper rifle names are switched. You have to disable the Bolt-Action to disable the Semi-Auto. Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a lobby.
  2. Edit game rules.
  3. Scroll down until you see options Enable Bolt-Action Sniper rifle and Enable Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle.
  4. Disable one of them.
  5. Start the game.
  6. Select Marksman, and notice the opposite sniper rifle has been disabled.


[Minor] Rarely, when somebody kills a Engineer, the Engineer performs it's death animation, and stops halfway, in mid air. It takes a lengthly amount of time for the Engineer to finish his death animation, before respawning. This usually occurs with players that have high ping.

[ANNOY] Diamonds, Bombs and Intels seems to have a 2 second delay before they can be picked up after being thrown.

[Minor] [ WindowsLogo.png WIN] Blocks sometimes ignore gravity, and float in mid-air.