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The Community Team is a volunteer team of players who help the Ace of Spades community in various areas. It currently comprises of 5 teams, the Forum Team, the Community News Team, the Clans Team, the Wiki Team and the Events Team.

Teams and Members

Staff Forum Specialists Clan Ambassadors Community News Reporters Wiki Team Events Coordinator
MrCrispy Titanium Saxbassman Count Count Count
SallyTheButcher - tin FaZe Travas mooneyy2
Shauny - USABxBOOYO Senatulus TntMatthew Riddle
- - - Spade theqwxas Sundar
- - - - TauOmicronMu -


Forum Team

Forum Team members are known as Forum Specialists. Forum Specialists maintain the forums, welcome and help new players, engage the forum community, and work with the Community Manager to improve and develop the official forums.

Community News Team

Community News Reporters are members of the News Team and are responsible for running the Community News section of the site. They work with the rest of the Community Team to highlight activity, recognise community content, and bring the latest news from the team.

Clans Team

Clan Ambassadors provide help and guidance to players looking to start a clan, and help with clan matters.

Wiki Team

See also: Ace of Spades Wiki:Staff

Wiki Contributors are users that consistently make valuable contributions to the Ace of Spades Wiki. Anyone is free to contribute and make edits to the Wiki, even if they are not a member of the Wiki Team. Wiki Team members also have additional permissions on the wiki.

Events Team

See also: Community Events

Events Coordinators assist in the planning and running of events and competitions for the Ace of Spades community.

Previous Teams

Classic Mode Development Team

Classic Mode Development Advisors (CMDAs) worked with the Community Manager, providing feedback and suggestions to create the Classic Mode in Ace of Spades.


On September 10th 2013, applications were opened for members to apply for different roles in the Community Team. Applications closed on October 2nd 2013, resulting in no new members to any part of the Community Team.


  • The Wiki Team is the latest addition to the Community Team, being created in August 2013.
  • The Classic Mode Development Team was removed on January 16th 2014.