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The blue base.
The green base.
A blue border, showing the player is within the blue base.
A green border, showing the player is within the green base.
The green base at the start of a round.

Demolition, stylized as Demolition!, is a game mode available in Ace of Spades.


The aim of the Demolition game mode is to destroy the opposing teams base, whilst protecting your own. Each team has a meter at the top of the screen showing the percentage of blocks remaining in their base. DemolitionScore.jpg The first team to destroy all the blocks in the opposing teams base is declared the winner. If neither team has destroyed the others base at the end of the game, then the team with the most blocks remaining in their base wins.

Each teams base is defined as the area within the glowing cube. When a player enters a base, a coloured border appears around their screen.

At the beginning of the round, both team's bases will show a cross hatched pattern, and players will be unable to leave or fire out of the base for 30 seconds. This gives players the opportunity to build defences and reenforce their base before the round begins. In a custom match, the time of this build period can be changed or it can be disabled completely.

Custom Match

The following game mode specifics options can be changed in a custom match:

Build Stage Length

Default: 30 seconds

Changes the length of the build stage at the start of a match. Can be set between 10 and 120 in increments of 10, or disabled completely.


Class Selection

The Miner is the best class for destroying structures, whilst the Engineer is the best for placing blocks and repairing your own base. The Commando and Marksman are effective at killing other players, such as those trying to destroy your base, but are poor at construction and destruction.

Mining out the Foundations

Rather than trying to destroy the entire base, it is more efficient to destroy the foundations by removing a layer of blocks near the bottom of the base. This will cause the base to collapse. The Miner is the best class to use for this method, using the Super Spade, Drill Cannon and Dynamite.

Repairing Your Base

You can add to your bases block count by placing blocks. Blocks can also be placed to reinforce your base, such as by destroying the foundations as explained above. The Engineer has the largest block wallet and such is well suited to this task.


Game Mode Score Type

Action Score
Destroy Base +25 every 50 blocks
Repair Base +50 every 50 blocks
Defend Base +100
Assault Base +50

Generic Score Types

Action Score
Headshot +150
Melee +150
Kill +100
Assist +50
Death Revenge +50
Payback +50
Reloading Kill +50
Defend +50
Suicide -100

Available Maps

Ranked Match

Demolition can be played on the following maps in a Ranked Match:

Custom Match

Demolition can be played on the following maps in a Custom Match:


Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
FortProcessUnachieved.jpg FortProcess.jpg Fort Process
Repair 100 blocks of damage to your base
Only available in Demolition mode.
BlockPartyUnachieved.jpg BlockParty.jpg Block Party
Cause 100 blocks of damage to the enemy base in one round
Only available in Demolition mode.
AttacktheBlocksUnachieved.jpg AttackTheBlocks.jpg Attack the Blocks
Cause 500 blocks of damage to the enemy base over multiple rounds
Only available in Demolition mode.
PuttheBootinUnachieved.jpg PutTheBootIn.jpg Put the Boot in
Be the final player to cause damage to the enemy base and win
Only available in Demolition mode.