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Specialist - Blue.png Specialist - Green.png
Health 85
Melee Spade, Machete
Primary Weapons Auto-Shotgun, SMG
Secondary Weapons Automatic Pistol, Grenade Launcher
Equipment Chemical Bomb, Sticky Grenade
Block Wallet 400 / 1000
Speed Fast
Jump Height 4 blocks
Class Type Combat
Class Skills Close Range Combat

Mid Range Combat


The Specialist is a class in Ace of Spades. In order to use the Specialist, the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack must be purchased.

Weapons and Equipment



Digging tool that can remove two blocks per hit. Can also be used as a weak melee weapon.


Close range melee weapon with a low swing rate and block damage, but instantly kills any class.
Primary Weapon


Fast rate of fire and extremely powerful at close range, but useless for longer distance attacks.


High rate of fire but relatively low damage. Useful at short, and with the use of the sights, medium range. Small clip size.
Secondary Weapon

Automatic Pistol

Has high horizontal recoil, but has a very fast rate of fire, high player damage, and is reasonably accurate to make up for it.

Grenade Launcher

Fires projectile Grenades that explode upon collision. Very effective at close range or in tight spaces, as it usually kills opponents with one direct hit.

Chemical Bomb

Thrown weapon that explodes upon collision. Creates a toxic goo upon detonation that continues to damage blocks and players after it explodes.

Sticky Grenade

Thrown weapon that sticks to blocks and players. Once it attaches itself to something, it counts down a 5-second timer and then explodes, doing high damage.


Like all classes, the Specialist can choose three Constructs.

Construct Notes

Flare Block

Produces light. Not commonly used, but can be used to light tunnels or mark points of interest.
Prefab caltrop.png


Occasionally used to build ladders or bridges, although using the Platform is more efficient for building bridges. The caltrop is more effective at making stairs than most other constructs.
Prefab superpole.png

Super Pole

Prefab fort wall.png

Fort Wall

Can be used to provide some cover from enemy fire. Players can fire through the gaps in the wall, and then take cover when reloading or when under fire.
Prefab safety corridor.png

Safety Corridor

Can be used to provide a protected passageway.


The Specialist Match-ups article contains strategies for taking on other classes as a Specialist.


"One headshot at a time."
"Yeah, I'm going off-grid."
"Rule one: grab a gun."'
"Always plan to hit."
"I never miss."


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