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July 4th 2014 is the Wiki's 1 year anniversary! When we launched 1 year ago all we had was a design, a few templates and a couple of basic pages. We've certainly come a long way since then, reaching 2,000+ pages, 200+ articles, 1,000+ files, 6,000+ edits and 500,000+ views - not bad for a year's work!

Thank you so much to our Wiki Team members Pauliux00, TntMatthew and Travas2, our contributors, and the Ace of Spades community for your help and support over the past year. None of this would have been possible without you.

The Ace of Spades Wiki two weeks after launch. We've come a long way since then.
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The Ace of Spades Wiki was one of 1.x's first successful large scale community initiatives when it launched in July 2013, back before the revival of the clans scene, the return of community news and the introduction of the Ace of Spades Twitch channel. We've been dedicated in our support of the Ace of Spades community since then, running initiatives such as Map of the Month, producing our regular Wiki Round-Up newsletter, providing a place for players to promote their Clans and Maps, and more, not to mention providing hundreds of pages of game guides, strategies and information.

The future of the Wiki is certainly bright. We continue to provide new and innovative features such as our Match-ups articles and crate spawn maps, and even more is in the works.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out this past 12 months. Here's to another great year!

  • July 4th 2013 - The Ace of Spades Wiki is launched.
  • July 8th 2013 - The Wiki reaches 1,000 main page views
  • July 17th 2013 - The Wiki reaches 100 articles
  • July 19th 2013 - The first issue of the Wiki Round-Up is released
  • August 5th 2013 - The Wiki Team is introduced
  • August 9th 2013 - Custom maps are given a home on the Wiki
  • August 22nd 2013 - Article of the Month is introduced
  • September 8th 2013 - Map of the Month is introduced
  • November 9th 2013 - The first video is added to the Wiki's YouTube channel
  • December 5th 2013 - Clans are given a place to promote themselves on the Wiki
  • April 10th 2014 - The Wiki reaches 200 articles
  • July 1st 2014 - The Wiki reaches 100,000 main page views
  • July 4th 2014 - The Ace of Spades Wiki is 1 year old!


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