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Hello everyone and welcome to issue 12 of the Ace of Spades Wiki Round-Up, the monthly newsletter bringing you all the latest news, events and competitions from across the Ace of Spades community.


Wiki Quiz

Last issue we asked how many constructs the Engineer has access to. He has 8, so congratulations to Gamerzap for answering correctly!

This week's quiz question is...

On what date was the Frontier map released?

The answer can be found in-game or somewhere on the Wiki. You can submit your answers on the discussion page for this issue of the Wiki Round-Up, or the Wiki's official Ace of Spades forum thread. Those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue. Good luck!

Where am I?

In the last issue, we showed you this image:


It was taken on the London map in it's subway system, congratulations Gamerzap for getting it right!

Here is this week's image:


As always, simply post which map you think this was taken on in the discussion page for this issue, and those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue. Good luck!

Multi-Clan Battles

Multi-Clan Battles is a new regular event hosted by leader of The Australian Professional Clan Dranar. The event sees multiple clans both work together and battle against eachother, as the green and blue teams are made up of members of multiple clans. The first event was a massive success with a full 24 player lobby and the matches being casted live on the Ace of Spades Twitch channel. For more details, check out this forum thread on the official Ace of Spades forums.

Mumble Mornings


Mumble Mornings are a weekly event where we gather in Marisa Kirisame's Mumble (voice chat) server for Ace of Spades and banter. These are always a good laugh, so if you'd like to come along take a look at the thread here.

Ace of Spades Livestreams

Take a look at the community calendar for this month's Ace of Spades livestreams.



Map of the Month

City of Ra is May's Map of the Month! This is the first map without an article on the Wiki to win Map of the Month, with the recent announcement that Map of the Month would be open to all maps. City of Ra is definitely deserving of the title, being one of the most detailed and beautiful maps available.

To learn more about City of Ra, take a look at it's Steam Workshop page here.

Nominations for June's Map of the Month are now open until May 15th. Take a look at our Map of the Month page for more information.


Article of the Month

April's Article Of The Month is Bolt-Action Rifle. This detailed page is one of the Wiki's best weapons article. Check it out here.

New Poll

It's a new month, so that means it's time for a new poll. Last month's poll asked if you've tried out the Ace of Spades Dedicated Server preview. 'Yes' won with a massive 27 votes, 87% of all votes cast.

This month's poll asks what your highest kill streak is. Head on over to the Main Page to vote now.

MediaWiki Upgrades

The Wiki has been updated to MediaWiki 1.22.6, which offers various tweaks and bug fixes.

Ace of Spades Giveaway

Wiki Team member Travas is giving away a free copy of Ace of Spades to a lucky winner who does not yet own the game.

For more information, including details on how to enter, take a look at this forum thread. Good luck!


New Wiki Team Group

The Wiki Team now has it's own group on the Wiki, allowing Wiki Team members to move and delete pages and block users when necessary. For more information, take a look at this page.

200 Articles!

The Ace of Spades Wiki has reached 200 articles! Thank you to everyone who has contributed and helped to make this possible.

Wiki 200 Articles.png

User Contributions

A new extension has been installed showing how many edits Wiki users have made. Check your rank by visiting the contribution scores page here.

Thank You

Thank you to 3amar404, Dranar, Firstlinsas, Gamerzap, LECAP, LPTheStrangeSandvich, Luciana, Marisa Kirisame, Mooneyy2, Paradox, Pauliux00, Sportsfan2, TntMatthew and Travas2 for your contributions to the Wiki this past month. It really is appreciated.


Zone of Aces Interview

I recently had the opportunity to talk to head of recently relaunched fansite Zone of Aces to find out more about the site, it's history and plans for the future. Check out the interview here on the Ace of Spades Community News blog.


That's just about it for this issue. As always, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in future issues of the Wiki Round-Up, then please do post them in the community portal, or our Ace of Spades forum thread.

See you on the battlefield,

-- ZombieHead.png Count (My talk page) 15:46, 1 May 2014 (MDT)