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Hello everyone and welcome to issue 15 of the Ace of Spades Wiki Round-Up, the monthly newsletter bringing you everything awesome happening in the Ace of Spades Community in one easy to find place.


Modding Update and More!


Ace of Spades has been updated, and the changes are looking very cool indeed! The patch, which was rolled out to all players on September 2nd includes a number of updates including the return of modding, vote kick improvements, balance changes, map and menu improvements, the reintroduction of the colour palette and lots more. For full details, check out the Steam announcement here or check out this Community News article to get an overview of the big changes.

Community Server Clash!

Join us on Saturday for the Community Server Clash! We'll be having some fun on The Castle server and trying out some different customisation options. Expect to see modes such as Gangster CTF, VIP with regular classes, friendly fire Multi-Hill and more on both Jagex and community maps. This is a great opportunity to meet and play against people from the forums, have a bit of a laugh and some banter, and try out some unique game modes. Click here for the full details.

World Cup Winners!

Congratulations to Team Lime for winning the Ace of Spades World Cup! They clinched a victory over runners up MOA in a dramatic final match streamed live on the Ace of Spades Twitch channel. Click here to check out an interview with Team Lime members Medic and Strange Sandvich, with their thoughts on the final and tournament as a whole.

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Map of the Month

Pirates Cove is July's Map of the Month! This is an awesome little map from The Elite Gamer and BountyHunterGaming, set up for TDM. Click here to view it's Steam Workshop page.

Click here to vote for August's Map of the Month, or here to nominate a map for September.


Article of the Month

Engineer match-ups is September's Article of the Month! This article gives you every you need to know about using one of Aces of Spades' most difficult classes effectively and is well deserving of the title.

Voting for August's Map of the Month is open now. You can also nominate a map for September.

Now Running MediaWiki 1.23.3!

We have recently been updated to MediaWiki 1.23.3, which brings various small tweaks and bug fixes.

New Poll

It's time for a new poll! Last month we asked whether you'd played on a dedicated server yet. 'No' came out on top with 11 votes, with 'yes' coming just behind with '8'. Hopefully we can get more people to try them out with the Community Server Clash event! Head on over to the Main Page to vote now!

Thank You!

Thank you to FREEZ, Firstlinsas, KushNR, Pauliux00, TauOmicronMu, The Extra Troll and TntMatthew for your contributions over the past month - it's appreciated.


Where am I?

In the last issue, we showed you this image:


It was taken in a building on the Great Wall map, congratulations to TntMatthew for getting it right!

Here is this week's image:


As always, simply post which map you think this was taken on in the discussion page for this issue, and those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue. Good luck!

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That's just about it for this month's issue. Remember, if you have any suggestions at all for the Wiki Round-Up please let us know in the Wiki's Community Portal.


-- ZombieHead.png Count (My talk page) 03:15, 4 September 2014 (MDT)