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Hello everyone and welcome to issue 16 of the Ace of Spades Wiki Round-Up, the monthly newsletter bringing you all the latest news, information, events and competitions from across the Ace of Spades Community.


Halloween Mapping Competition!
Halloween Mapping Competition.png

Take a break from trick-or-treating and map something spooky in our Halloween Mapping Competition! Entries are open until October 14th and there are some great prizes up for grabs. Take a look at this forum thread for all the details.

Ace of Spades Ligue

The Ace of Spades Ligue is bringing back competitive Ace of Spades! The group recently hosted a 4v4 Capture the Flag Flash Tournament, with the Ace of Noobs clan coming out victorious. For more information, check out their Steam Group.


Map of the Month

The results are in, and the Ace of Spades community has voted Mario as the best map made during August! This is an amazing looking map, inspired by the retro Super Mario Bros. video game. It was created by the Cube Bros Team clan, who you may recognise from other maps including Minecraft Garden, Pac-Man and Commando Parkour. Check out it's Steam Workshop page here.

Click here to vote for September's Map of the Month, or here to nominate a map for October.


Article of the Month
Demolition is October's Article of the Month! This detailed article gives you an overview of the game mode, tactics to help you dominate on the battlefield, achievement information and more. Check it out here.

Nominations for November's Article of the Month are now open. Visit our Article of the Month page for more details.

Now Running MediaWiki 1.23.5!

We have recently been updated to MediaWiki 1.23.5, which brings various small tweaks and bug fixes.

New Poll

It's time for a new poll! Last month we asked for your thoughts on the latest Ace of Spades update. It seems that many of our readers are fans, because 5/5 came out on top with 60% of the vote! This time we're asking if you've tried out modding yet. Head on over to the Main Page to vote now!

Thank You!

Thank you to TntMatthew for your contributions over the past month - it's appreciated!


Where am I?

In the last issue, we showed you this image:


It was taken in a building on the City of Chicago map, so congratulations to Marisa Kirisame, Pauliux00, TntMatthew and KushNR for getting it right!

Here is this week's image:


Simply post which map you think this was taken on in the discussion page for this issue, and those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue. Good luck!

Round Up Spacer.png

And that's just about it for this month's issue. As always, if you have any suggestions at all for the Wiki Round-Up please let us know in the Wiki's Community Portal!

See you next issue,

-- ZombieHead.png Count (My talk page) 14:22, 6 October 2014 (MDT)