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Hey there everyone, and welcome to the second edition of the Ace of Spades Wiki Round-Up, a fortnightly newsletter bringing you all the latest news, events and competitions from the Ace of Spades and Wiki communities.

Events and Competitions

Prefab superdome.png
Wiki Quiz

Congratulations Travas2 for answering the last issue's Wiki Round-Up quiz questions correctly! For those of you who didn't get it, the Super Dome takes a massive 446 blocks to construct.

This week's quiz question is:

"How much health does the Commando class have?"

The answer can be found somewhere on the Wiki, or in-game. You can submit your answers on the discussion page for this issue of the Wiki Round-Up, or the Wiki's official Ace of Spades forums thread. Those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue of the Wiki Round-Up - good luck!

Wiki News

It's been another awesome couple of the weeks for the Ace of Spades Wiki. We've powered past 20,000 total page views, and 5,000 main page views, and continue to amass new articles at an awesome rate after reaching the 100 articles milestone around the time of the last issue. Of course quality is just as important as quantity, if not more so, and the quality of many of our articles continues to increase every day. In the past few weeks, articles such as the Getting Started guide have gone from empty stubs to helpful and detailed resources, as have countless other articles. If you want to help out and improve our pages, check out the stubs category and dive in!

New Poll

It's time for a new poll! Our first poll was a massive success, with almost 50 people voting. The champion of the class showdown was the Marksman, winning with a landslide 21 votes; full results can be viewed in the Ace of Spades Wiki:Poll Archive.

This weeks poll asks how often you play Ace of Spades, so head to the Main Page now to cast your vote. Don't forget, suggestions for future poll questions can be posted in the Community Portal.

Thank You!

A massive thank you to Dialglex, EdwinForTheWin, Pauliux00, TntMatthew and Travas2 for your contributions over the past two weeks! We're making some great progress.


Wiki Twitter

Don't forget to follow our Twitter account @aceofspadeswiki if you haven't already for all the latest, new, information and cool stuff from around the Ace of Spades communities.

Ace of Spades News

Old Flads Map Review Series

Old Flads has been producing an awesome map review series over the past few weeks, where he takes a look at some of the maps produced by the community using the Map Editor beta. You can check out the reviews he's posted so far in this thread on the official Ace of Spades forums.

Steam Workshop Beta

Don't forget you can sign up for the Steam Workshop Beta, allowing you to publish maps and subscribe to maps made by others. To get access, simply post your Steam profile ID in this thread on the official Ace of Spades forums.

And that's just about it for this issue of the Wiki Round-Up! As always, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in future issues of the Wiki Round-Up, then please do post in the community portal, or our Ace of Spades forum thread.

See you in game!

-- ZombieHead.png Count (My talk page) 04:40, 2 August 2013 (MDT)