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Hey all, and welcome to the fourth edition of the Ace of Spades Wiki Round-Up; a fortnightly newsletter bringing you all the latest news, events and competitions from the Ace of Spades and Wiki communities.

Events and Competitions

Ace of Spades Custom Clash


August 21st saw the Ace of Spades Custom Clash Event, where we made full use of the custom match system trying out various rule and map combinations that you don't normally see in game.

The event was a massive success, with a large turnout and lasting for over two hours. Matches played include RPG only, at 200% speed and damage, Zombie mode with the Deuce and Classic CTF with the Shotgun and SMG enabled.

Old Flads has produced a video with some highlights of the event which you can view on here on YouTube. You can also view some screenshots, along with a list of the different rule and map combinations that were used here.

Wiki Quiz

Last week we asked which class the Caltrop prefab is available to. Congratulations to Travas2 and TntMatthew for answering correctly, the correct answer is indeed Engineer class.

This week's quiz question is:

What item is available to the Gangster class in the melee weapon slot?

The answer can be found somewhere in-game, or on the Wiki. You can submit your answers on the discussion page for this issue of the Wiki Round-Up, or the Wiki's official Ace of Spades forum thread. Those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue of the Wiki Round-Up. Good luck!

Wiki News

Article of the Month

Articles Of The Month (AOTM) are articles considered to be amongst the best articles in the Ace of Spades Wiki, as determined by the Ace of Spades Wiki's editors. Articles that have won the AOTM can be given a special badge signifying the article's achievement, and will also be featured on the main page of the Wiki.

Thank you to Travas2 for setting this system up. August's Article of the Month was Getting Started, a detailed article outlining the basics of Ace of Spades including it's interface, controls, classes, construction and more.

Nominations for September's Article of the Month are now open. For more information, and to suggest an article, visit this page.

Software Upgrade

The Wiki was recently updated and is now using the latest and most secure version of the MediaWiki software.

New Poll

It's time for another new poll! In our last poll we asked who your favourite team is in Ace of Spades, Green or Blue. The result was a tie, with 19 votes for both sides!

This week we ask whether you have purchased the St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack DLC, so head to the Main Page now to cast your vote. Thank you to Travas2 for suggesting this question. Don't forget, suggestions for future poll questions can be posted in the Ace of Spades Wiki talk:Community portal.

Thank You!

A massive thank you to Lincent Harborer, Pauliux00, TntMatthew and Travas2 for your contributions over the past two weeks!

Wiki Twitter

Don't forget to follow our Twitter account @aceofspadeswiki if you haven't already for all the latest news, information and cool stuff from around the Ace of Spades communities.

Ace of Spades News

Map Editor Beta Update - Content_1085


A new update for the Ace of Spades Map Editor has been recently released. Highlights of Content_1085 include a variety of tweaks intended to limit abuse of the votekick system, and a number of attempted hack and security fixes. For the full patch notes, and to post your thoughts on this update, check out this Ace of Spades forum thread.

Map Editor Class/Weapon Balancing Feedback


Jagex is looking for your feedback on the balancing updates in the Map Editor Beta. For more information, and to share your thoughts, take a look at this thread on the official Ace of Spades forums.

That's just about it for this issue of the Wiki Round-Up. As always, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in future issues of the Wiki Round-Up, then please do post in the community portal, or our Ace of Spades forum thread.

Catch you next time,

-- ZombieHead.png Count (My talk page) 15:27, 6 September 2013 (MDT)