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Hello everyone, and welcome to the sixth edition of the Ace of Spades Wiki Round-Up, a fortnightly newsletter bringing you all the latest news, events and competitions from the Ace of Spades and Wiki communities.

Events and Competitions

Wiki Quiz

Last week we asked you when the St. Valentines Day Massacre Pack was released. The correct answer is February 14th 2013, so congratulations to TntMatthew for answering correctly!

This week's quiz questions is...

Which class can run quicker, the Engineer or the Marksman?

The answer can be found somewhere in-game or on the Wiki. You can submit your answers on the discussion page for this issue of the Wiki Round-Up, or the Wiki's official Ace of Spades forum thread. Those who answer correctly will be featured in the next issue of the Wiki Round-Up. Good luck!

Caption Competition


Caption this! Post your ideas on the discussion page, and the best will be featured in the next issue of the Wiki Round-Up.

Community Event

Keep an eye on the Community News section of the Ace of Spades website for details on the next community event - more information coming soon!

Wiki News

Custom Map Articles

With the release of the Ace of Spades Map Editor, we've seen an increase in the number of Custom Map articles here on the Wiki. If you've got a map that you've created, why don't you make one of your own? Wiki pages offer you more freedom than the Steam Workshop, and have a wider range of formatting options too. It's also a great way to get more publicity for your map. In the future, we'll be running a Map of the Month competition, meaning that great maps will get ever more exposure. For a list of Custom Map articles on the Wiki already, head over to the Custom Maps page.



We've hit reached 100,000 total views! Thank you to everyone who has helped us achieve this milestone, be it by editing articles, uploading pictures, making suggestions or even just visiting the Wiki. Let's make it 1,000,000!


We now have a Facebook page which you can check out at


The Wiki now has a spooky new logo for Halloween, thanks to Travas2. Our Facebook, Twitter and Steam pages have also received reskins, check them out.

Battle Builder Update

We've been hard at work updating the Wiki after the various changes and tweaks made to the game by the Ace of Spades: Battle Builder update. Prefabs have been renamed as Constructs, our Ranked Match article has been overhauled, the Getting Started Guide has been updated with the new menu layouts and more. If you've noticed something that needs updating, please do register an account and dive right in.

Article of the Month

Rather appropriately, Octobers Article of the Month is our Map Editor article! Check it out here, and make a nomination for November on the Article Of The Month page.

To-do List

Looking to help out the Wiki but don't know where to start? The To-do List is a regularly updated list of tasks considered to be a high priority - areas of the Wiki that need to be worked on to make sure it stays a valuable resource for Ace of Spades players. Just pick an item and dive right in, and post on the discussion page when it is complete.

New Poll

It's time for a new poll! Last time we asked what you would most like to see added to Ace of Spades, and more customisation won in a landslide with a massive 28 votes! Thank you everyone who took part!

This week we're asking what your favourite game mode is. Head over to the Main Page now to cast your vote. Thank you to TntMatthew for suggesting this question. Don't forget, suggestions for future poll questions can be posted in the Ace of Spades Wiki talk:Community portal.

Thank You

Thank you to Gamerzap, IllusionalGamer, Lincent Harborer, Marisa Kirisame, Mr.Awesomesauce, Pauliux00, PwnBoBzZZ, TntMatthew and Travas2 for your contributions to the Wiki over the past two weeks. It's greatly appreciated.

Ace of Spades Battle Builder


Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

Last week saw one of the largest updates in Ace of Spades history, with the release of Ace of Spades: Battle Builder. Highlights of this update include a map editor, Steam Workshop integration, opening of the St. Valentines Day Massacre Pack DLC for free to all players, 100's of bug fixes and more. Jagex have released a map editor video guide which can be found here, and a trailer here, whilst our own Map Editor guide provides a good platform for getting started.

Zone of Aces

Zone of Aces have announced Project Revitalization, check out this topic for details.

That's just about it for this issue. As always, if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in future issues of the Wiki Round-Up, then please do post in the community portal, or our Ace of Spades forum thread.

-- ZombieHead.png Count (My talk page) 08:43, 18 October 2013 (MDT)