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The (Almost) Everything You Asked For Update was a major update released for Ace of Spades on the 2nd of September, 2014. Its changes include many requests made by the community, hence the name.

Patch Notes

Update Highlights

  • Ability to mod KV6 weapon & class skins
  • Vote kick improvements
  • Auto-balance adjustment to allow flexibility to join the same team when playing with friends in public matches
  • A lot of balancing changes throughout the game as requested by the community, including a nerf to the overall Marksman class & a buff to the Engineer class.
  • Map improvements
  • Menu improvements
  • Reintroduction of the colour palette throughout the game


Restrictions on KV6 modding have been lifted & so modifying your local weapon and class appearance is now possible. The only limit is the maximum dimensions: x = 48; y = 68; z = 38. The official guide to modding can be found here.

Vote Kick Improvements

  • Kicks can no longer be initiated if the target player is in a team with 2 or less players.
  • Spectators can no longer initiate a vote kick.
  • If the kicker is on the opposite team to the target player, the kicker’s vote is no longer counted.
  • The pass threshold for a vote now takes into account half of the players in the team, rather than the entire game.
  • Vote kicks are now anonymous.

Known Issues

  • There are a few cases where your name will be revealed rather than remaining anonymous

Balancing Notes

  • The Pickaxe has had its player damage reduced.
  • The Pickaxe is also less powerful against blocks.
  • The Pickaxe now swings slower.
  • The Combat knife has had its damage dramatically increased.
  • The Combat knife is now slower.
  • Pistol headshot damage has been slightly reduced.
  • The shoot interval of a Pistol has been increased.
  • The recoil on a pistol has been significantly increased.
  • The Pistol has had its range reduced.
  • The Triple Barrelled RPG now has a larger blast radius.
  • The Triple Barrelled RPG now does twice as much block damage.
  • The Triple Barrelled RPG now deals slightly less damage to players
  • Regular grenades now deal higher damage to blocks.
  • The Bolt-action sniper has had its maximum ammo reduced to 7.
  • The Semi-Auto rifle has had its maximum ammo reduced to 15.
  • The regular RPG now causes less damage to blocks.
  • The pistol now has a slightly slower reload speed.
  • The Marksman can now fall a maximum of 30 blocks before death from full health.
  • The Marksman and Commando have had their speeds slightly reduced.
  • The Engineer’s speed has been slightly increased.
  • The Miner now starts with 0 blocks.
  • The Commando’s Shovel now digs at a slower rate.
  • Dynamite now has a maximum ammo of 1.
  • Dynamite now does more damage to player-placed blocks.
  • Dynamite now has an expanded blast radius.
  • Reduced the Torso damage of the Semi-Automatic Sniper.
  • Slightly reduced the Arms Damage of the Semi-Automatic Sniper.
  • Slightly reduced the Legs Damage of the Semi-Automatic Sniper.
  • Slightly reduced the Headshot Damage of the Semi-Automatic Sniper to balance it more with regards to the Bolt-Action Sniper.
  • Slightly increased the shoot interval of the Semi-Automatic Sniper.
  • Slightly increased the speed of the Crowbar.
  • The Commando now has access to the Fort Wall prefab.
  • The Scout now as access to the Caltrop prefab.
  • The Engineer now has access to the Bridge prefab.
  • The Engineer now has access to the “Super Pole” prefab.
  • The Pickaxe has been removed from the Miner’s loadout.
  • The Pistol now recoils upwards.
  • The Prefab lag should have been reduced.

We hope you enjoy this update as well as the recent dedicated servers update, and that it allows you to create even more amazing things!

Ace of Spades Team