Ammo Crate

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Ammo Crate
Crate action Restores reserve ammo, equipment count and jetpack fuel to max. Only restores 2 Drill Cannon shots.

An Ammo Crate respawning.
An Ammo Crate respawning.

The Ammo Crate is a Crate in Ace of Spades. Players can move over the crate to collect it and fill the reserve ammunition to maximum for all of their weapons, and to refill the fuel in the Engineer Jetpack. The crate will not refill the current clip and only provides 2 extra drill to the Drill Cannon when it can store 3.



The textures for the Ammo, Block and Health Crates were improved in Build 2652 which was released on May 28th 2013.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
Loaded.jpg Loaded
Collect a full resupply of ammunition in one game

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