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After a match has finished, the gamestats will be displayed showing the teamscores and the awards given.

  • Most Dominations: Safety Word is Banana Domination
  • Most Dominated: Banana! Banana! Most Dominated
  • Most Time On Fire: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Time on Fire Award
  • Most Kill Steals: YOINK! Most Kill-Steals Award
  • Most Suicides: Didn't Get It Right First Time Suicide Award
  • Fewest Shots Fired: I Might Need Them Later Bullet Miser Award
  • Most Snipers Killed: Snipe THIS Counter-Sniper Award
  • Most Headshots Received: Right in the Face Headshot Receiver Award
  • Highest Block: King of the Castle Highest Block Award
  • Most Damage Taken: Why Did I Buy A Bullet Magnet Award
  • Most Air Strikes Survived: Invisible Helmet Airstrike Survival Kit
  • Most Assists: "Sir I Believe This is Your Kill" Assist Award
  • Most Defends: You Shoot Him I Shoot You Defence Award
  • Most Distractions: Attention Seeker Award
  • Most Brains Eaten: Scholar by Proxy Brain Eating Award
  • Most Melee Kills: Up Close And Personal Melee Award
  • Biggest Ranged Kill: Eat My Draw Distance Range Award
  • Biggest Collapsing Object: Timber! Award for Destruction
  • Biggest Kill Streak: Longest Streaker Award
  • Most Blocks Destroyed: Destroy All The Things Award
  • Most Blocks Placed: Bricklayer Award
  • Most Headshots: Right Between the Eyes Award
  • Most Teabags: Milk And Two Teabagging Award
  • Most Kills At Low Health: Healthbar Schmealthbar Award
  • Most Kills: Most Kills Award
  • Most Block Crates Collected: I <3 Block Crates Award
  • Most Ammo Crates Collected: Pancho Villa Resupply Award
  • Most Health Crates Collected: Hypochondriac
  • Most Time In Air: Barely touched the ground
  • Most Distance Travelled: Just out for a stroll

Awards are calculated on the client side. So when you get an award on your screen, it doesn't mean you'll get it on anyone else's screen.