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14th February 2013

St. Valentines’s Day Massacre DLC Pack:

New background added to the game menu

New Character Class 'Gangster': 4 randomly chosen skins for each gangster 2 boss skins for VIP Mode

New Weapons (for the gangster class): Tommy Gun Snub-Nosed Pistol Molotov Cocktail Crowbar

New Maps: City of Chicago Alcatraz

New Game Modes: VIP: Each team must protect their VIPs and kill the enemy VIP Players health slowly starts decreasing after their VIP died VIP marked with a crown on the map

Territory Control: Occupy territories and stop enemy players to take territories back 7 hills can be occupied; each area marked with a letter from A to G After 5 seconds, players receive different amount of points, depends on how many hills they claimed already (points increasing by 5 points per hill)

Standard Game:

New Maps for Standard Game Modes: Tokyo Neon: Capture the Flag, Demolition Mode, TDM, Zombie BONUS MAP Ancient Egypt: Diamond Mine, Multi-Hill, TDM, Zombie AS VOTED FOR BY THE COMMUNITY