Build 2523

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19th March 2013


  • Fixed various de-sync & connection issues
  • Improved compatibility for lower end machines


  • Players can now play Dynamite, Turrets, and Landmines on the Flare Block Prefab
  • [DLC] Fix for being able to throw Molotov Cocktails by pressing shift rather than releasing the mouse button
  • You can no longer bury one of the health crates on Arctic Base
  • Landmines now also detonate when buried 2 blocks deep
  • It now takes 2 headshots to kill the Miner with the Rifle
  • Friendly dynamite timer is no longer visible through the whole map
  • If a player changes to spectator mode after the zombie virus has been detected, and then rejoins the game they will become infected
  • Updated zombie spawn areas on Double Dragon
  • While chatting as a spectator the screen will lock to a 'chat mode' after pressing the mapped chat button
  • Added additional crate spawn points to Arctic Base and to Lunar Base


  • Grenades no longer clip through blocks
  • [DLC] More realistic model for Tommy Gun when in aim mode
  • Miner's hat is team coloured instead of having black lines on it
  • Resolution no longer resets back to default settings (800x600) after restarting the game
  • Minimap and timer now displays in spectator mode
  • Reintroduced the hide HUD option that can be mapped from the controls settings menu

User Interface

  • Grammar corrections across all languages
  • Reduced text sizes to fit UI across various languages
  • Fixed map rotation in server browser to match with the in game map
  • Main Menu button has been removed from the 'Choose Match' screen and from Map Loading screen
  • The Mayan Jungle map on the choose server menu now has a blue river rather than a black one

Classic Mode

  • The spade now takes two hits to break blocks using the left mouse button function.
  • Using the spade's right mouse button function no longer collects blocks
  • Falling damage has been increased
  • When aiming with the Rifle the centre of the reticule has been moved from the middle of the red dot, to the top edge.
  • Updated spawn areas on Hiesville