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This Ace of Spades update come out on the 13th of June. It was posted by MrCrispy on the forums and last edited by News on the 13th of June at 11:43 AM.

Log on the Forums

Today we have pushed out an update with a large number of bug fixes and optimizations. Highlights of the build are improvements to the Ranked Server Matchmaker and improvements to the way the destruction of large voxel objects are managed!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who have been very helpful with reporting issues and providing feedback over the previous weeks and months. You have been pivotal in getting Ace of Spades to where it is today and we look forward to continue to work with you as the game progresses!


  • Optimized method in which large voxel objects are destroyed, should no longer cause connection timeout message.
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar would not retain its position correctly in Custom Match Lobbies
  • Several optimizations to the ranked server match-maker to ensure the best server is selected based on ping and server population
  • Fixed an issue where the ranked server match-maker could cause a game crash in certain scenarios
  • Improved accuracy of loading progress bar on the loading screen
  • Change of options order within Rules (General is now is the second option)
  • Updated block and prefab placement cost to display even if the placement is not valid, in which case the cost is displayed in red
  • Removed unused and duplicate PNG and KV6 files from the client
  • Dump files will now be created in the game's install folder if the game crashes
  • Fixed an issue where pressing ALT could cause the game to enter a paused state
  • Improved the way using TAB on the end-of-round score screen switches between score boards
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent a custom match host from kicking a player from the lobby in Zombie Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a player a player's team color would become "Blue" if their team was selected as "Neutral" in the lobby preventing them from joining the game.
  • Improved messaging if a player tries to change team during a Zombie Outbreak
  • Removed option to start games with a target score of 256 or greater
  • Fixed an issue where Spectators could be incorrectly kicked at the end of the map
  • Removed "Most Team Kills" Award


  • Added Engineers SMG Foresight
  • Added a mini map icon for the Rocket Turret
  • Fixed an issue where Rocket Turrets would not "One Hit Kill" when the option was enabled in a Custom Match


  • Fixed an issue where shadows could move ahead of a character


  • Decreased Target Score within TDM to 200
  • Decreased dynamite knock back to reduce cases of using it to team kill
  • Added correct text to several Prefabs where placeholders were displayed before
  • Added ability to place Rocket Turrets on water
  • Balanced Fall Damage (Especially the Engineer)
  • Improved Vote Map display reliability in Ranked Matches
  • Fixed an issue in Demolition Mode causing characters to become unable move during the base building time
  • Fixed an issue whereby it was possible to leave the bounds of the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue whereby a single tutorial area could be occupied by multiple players
  • Fixed an issue with Rocket Turret positioning
  • Fixed an issue with Rocket Turret ghost color not being neutral sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where the ghost prefab could become partly submerged under the water line


  • Attempted Fix for an issue where a TDM round would not end when the target score was met
  • Attempted Fix for an issue where players could receive a score of zero during a TDM
  • Improved server-side performance of the leader-boards


  • Removed ability to enter text in the in-game chat which is not supported by the chat font
  • Improved Leaderboards display of long names by cropping rather than re-sizing the font
  • Fixed an issue where "Blocks cannot place on water" message would flicker
  • Added correct text to the "MOST_Distractions" award
  • Added different message to be sent to the player who cashed in a diamond than is sent to the rest of the team