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24th January 2013

Classic mode

  • Classic Capture the flag including the following features:
    • Command Post (CP) as the drop point for intel and replenishing health & ammo
    • Player can shoot and dig whilst carrying intel
  • A single class for the Classic mode with the following weapons
    • Spade
    • Rifle
    • Grenade
  • Five new maps for the Classic mode
    • WW1
    • Crossroads
    • To The Bridge
    • Trenches
    • Winter Valley
  • Hiesville has thawed out

Standard game

  • All classes have visited the quartermaster and received some different weapons designed for differing game-play styles.
    • The Markman now has a choice of a bolt action rifle or a semi-automatic rifle as well as a new combat knife
    • Miners have two shottys, a pump action or a double barrel version.
    • Rocketeer’s Jetpack now has glide and jump variants.
    • Commandos now rock a powerful one-shot RPG or less powerful triple barrel RPG, a combat knife option and an anti-personnel grenade option.
  • Timer for the Rocketeer’s Rocket Turret has been increased by 50%
  • The Marksman has been hanging out with some engineers and has learnt to build a sniper tower using his constructs.
  • Changes to existing constructs for other classes.


  • All equipment has had starting ammo reduced, further ammo can be collected from crates
  • Balancing tweaks to a number of weapons
  • Fixes to multiple crash bugs
  • Balancing changes made to Multi-hill game mode
  • Players now take damage when falling into water
  • Movement speed in water has been reduced
  • Zombie Mode – It takes additional time for the zombies to be picked which allows players more time to enter match and select class.
  • Attempting to sprint while in scoped view will cause the player to leave scoped view
  • Issue that caused two music track to play at the same time on the main menu has been fixed
  • Holding the mouse over start button whilst map is loading no longer causes the player be to able to click start
  • A number of text bleeds in languages other than English have been resolved