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Big City
Big City1.png
Created by [FR]Edern76, Earl de Darkwood
Game modes Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, Zombie, Multi-Hill, Occupation, VIP, Territory Control
Last updated 12th August 2013

Big City is an urban themed map created by Earl de Darkwood and [FR]Edern76. It was inspired by the map gm_bigcity on Gmod. It was completly created with integrated map editor.


General tactics

  • There's a submarine behind the lighthouse with a health crate inside it. Use it at your advantage
  • Placing landmines on the central bridge can be a good idea to slow down opponents.
  • If someone is camping on a plane, remember that the planes will fall at the first block destroyed.
  • Look inside cars. There can be hidden supply crates inside them
  • A well placed turret can be devastating

Specific gamemodes tactics

Zombie :

  • Remeber that survivors have only one spawn point, but zombies spawn everything around. Use it at your advantage.
  • Sniping zombies from the tower can be a good idea


Big City Map.jpg

Game Modes

This is the list of Game Modes the map can be used with and their own characteristics :


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