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Post Apocalyptia
Created by Mr. Disproportionate Response
Game modes All
Last updated 24th October 2013

When did the world end? No one remembers, but the war kept on going. Post Apocalyptia is a sprawling, intense map with something for everyone. Wide, high vistas are sure to please any sniper. Engineers have complicated, tall buildings to work on and around, giving them the tools they need to maintain air superiority. Miners will relish the complexity and tight alleys of the various buildings, and the opportunities this affords them, while commandos will cherish the ample cover and broad avenues of fire that allow them to bring the hurt in as many ways as they can imagine.

Post Apocalyptia is the first in a series of related post-apocalyptic landscapes and is made to be played with high server populations and large teams working together. While a lone sniper can certainly make a difference, it's teamwork that gets the job done in Post Apocalyptia.


In most game modes, you'll be spawning in opposite corners, colored for your team. These areas have high buildings around them, making for outstanding anchors to build up a defensive perimeter--but be careful! Lingering too long in these areas, or building up too many defensive structures will make it very hard to get out of this area and will turn it into an easy killing floor for a fast-moving, aggressive opponent. The map's center area is largely unguarded and wide-open, making it both the fastest way to move against your opponent, but also highly vulnerable to sniper fire or ambushes. Moving along the flanks is generally pretty safe due to the huge amounts of cover you can find in those areas, but it greatly increases the amount of time to reach the enemy base. Getting help from a miner to either remove problem buildings or build underground solutions is always a great option, too!



Game Modes

All Mr. Disproportionate Response maps work for all game modes unless otherwise noted.


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