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Sniper City
Created by [PSO]TntMatthew (TntMatthew)
Game modes TDM, MH, DIA, OC, ZOM
Last updated 5th October 2013

Sniper City is a custom map made for Ace of Spades 1.x (Steam) by TntMatthew. The theme is a busted up city with long sightlines for those who love to snipe.


I need to have a proper match first. I may get a chance because of Count's Custom Map Mayhem event.

For now, here's some which I could think of:

  • Most of the ground sightlines are blocked with parts of the terrain, so it still might be a good idea to porch yourself on tall buildings such as the lighthouse or hotel, which also gives you the height advantage.
  • Moving in and out of buildings will most likely allow you to take the shortest and safest routes through the map.
  • Try and control the Health and Ammo crates randomly scattered about the map as they may provide valuable to your team.
  • Block crates are paired with the randomly scattered around Health and Ammo crates. Control those as well.



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