Easter Eggs

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Easter Eggs are little hidden goodies slipped into things. Ace of Spades has a few.

Please keep this section in alphabetical order.

  • Arctic Base: There is a fish drawing etched into one of the clusters of ice.
  • Bran Castle: Deep in the bowels of the castle (pretty much dead centre) is a torture chamber.
  • City of Chicago: Find the main drag with all the hearts hung up. Find the power pole. Turn into that alley, then enter the second building on the right. You will find a crime scene featuring a chalk drawing of a (not correct for the scale) body.
  • The Colosseum: The central chamber of the underground network has a stash of gold in it and a pair of signs (one mirrored) written in a script that is probably not entirely in the Standard Galactic Alphabet. It might say 59 SJB.
  • Dragon Island: The initials "AM" can be seen on one of the base cylinders. It appears on both cylinders in Double Dragon.
  • Frontier: The name "PAUL" can be made out on the sign at the green spawn.
  • Frontier: Enter the mine at the blue spawn. Take a left, then a right. Follow on until you reach a dropshaft. Directly above that dropshaft is a concealed stash of gold.
  • Great Wall: There is a teracotta army somewhere in that mountain.
  • London: Not sure if this counts, but there is an underground rail system with three entrances/exits.
  • Spooky Mansion: One of the walls say "SIT 2012".
  • Tokyo Neon: The 3x2-char sign at each base (it's above the AOS sign) has "chinko" and "rofuro" written in Katakana. Not sure what the meaning of "rofuro" is, but "chinko" is the Japanese word for penis.