Glide Jetpack

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This article contains content that is no longer available, and therefore potentially outdated. For that reason, please be cautious while editing this article.

Glide Jetpack
Available to Rocketeer (Removed)
Other notes Moves players forwards very quickly and upwards very slowly, cancels fall damage despite being mostly a forward boost.

The Glide Jetpack (also called the Glider Jetpack or simply Glider) was a piece of equipment available to the Rocketeer Class. The Glide Jetpack was removed when the Rocketeer class became the Engineer in Build 3067, but it's sprite and model is still in the game files, and is used for the Hover Jetpack in the Map Editor. It launched players forwards a far distance when space was held down. It had more fuel than the Jump Jetpack, but a slower recharge. The removal of it was likely due to complaints that it was overpowered in the Zombie game mode, as it could easily be used to escape zombies.


Space (hold) Fly Forwards
⇪ Shift Fly Faster