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Available to Capture the Flag
Classic CTF

The Intel is an item in Ace of Spades which is exclusive to the Capture the Flag and Classic CTF game modes. It is a small, brown suitcase with a team coloured spade icon on the side. It slowly spins horizontally.

The Intel takes the role of the flag in the Capture the Flag and Classic CTF game modes. Players from the opposing team of the intel can pick it up by making contact with it. This will slow down the player and, if the Shooting with Intel custom rule is disabled, will prevent them from firing their weapons.

The player can throw the intel with Left Click, and when they die it will drop on the ground where they died. Once this happens, a player has a time of sixty seconds to pick it back up again.

When the intel is transported from the enemy base to the player's team base, the player's team scores a point.