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This is a list of Jagex Staff who have worked on Ace of Spades. It is currently unknown which staff members, if any, are currently connected with the game.

Former Staff

Name Avatar Position
Shaun "Shauny" Akerman Shauny Avatar.jpeg Community Manager
Arash "Qwerty" Amini Producer
Chris "MrCrispy" Brooks MrCrispy avatar.jpg Games Master
Laurie "Lods" Cooper Community Coordinator
Sally "SallyTheButcher" Da Costa Sally Avatar.jpg Head of Community
Mark "MMG" Gerhard - CEO of Jagex
Tom "TauOmicronMu" Goodman Tom Avatar.jpg Intern Engine and Content Developer
Andrew Guy - Producer
Mathew "Sniped" Kemp Community Manager
Robert "DocRobotnik" Kinder Rob Avatar.png Marketing Director
Glenn "Lt_Imrahil" Padua Games Master