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Mark Gerhard, known as Mod MMG in some Jagex games, is the former CEO of Jagex, the developer and publisher of Ace of Spades.

He joined Jagex as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) on February 1st 2008, but moved on to become the CEO exactly 1 year later. In September 2014 it was announced that Gerhard was leaving Jagex.

Ace of Spades

Gerhard was a proponent of classic mode, which became Classic CTF, stating "I think a "classic mode" is a fantastic idea" in post on the official forums.

Before Jagex

Gerhard has held many executive positions and he has over 14 years of experience working in many companies in the technology sector. Previously he worked as:

  • Security Architect at GTECH, where he served as the Principal Security Architect for the National Lottery
  • Chief Technical Officer at Ministry of Data
  • Group Systems Manager at Sterling Relocation
  • Chief Operating Officer at Serious
  • Principal Consultant at Chromasonic Computer Centre Ltd
  • IT Director at Hospital I.T. Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Security Consultant at Rand Merchant Bank

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