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Modifications (usually shortened to Mods) are unofficial packs which can be installed on Ace of Spades to change the look and sounds of the game.

An Ace of Spades match with a pre-release version of UnobtainiHUD installed.

List of Mods

When adding to this list, please try and keep to alphabetical order.

Name Description Author Download
Custom Dot Scope Custom scope. 1Shot 1Kill Download
GameBlast Zombie Soundpack 26 different Zombie sounds were produced for the GameBlast Zombie Event by the Ace of Spades community. Various Download
Main Menu Mod Changes the background of the Ace of Spades main menu. 1Shot 1Kill Download
UnobtainiHUD A simple modification for Ace of Spades which changes the skin of the HUD elements. TntMatthew Latest Version
WTF Soundpack The WTF Soundpack alters the sounds and music of the game with more comedic and more hilarious ones! clonerex123 Version 1.2.2


  • The ability to mod KV6 weapon & class skins was readded in Version 165, which was released on September 2nd 2014.
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