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Projectiles are entities in Ace of Spades.

List of projectiles

Projectile Weapon(s) Attributes
Drillgun.png Drill Cannon
  • Explodes after 3 seconds for 50 damage with 3 radius.
  • Destroys blocks or entities in its path.
  • 40 speed, 20 while digging
  • 1.5 times gravity
Grenade1.png Grenade2.png
Grenade.png Grenade
  • Explodes after 2.5 seconds for 500 damage with 4-6 radius (depending on grenade).
  • 25 to 50 speed depending on held time
AntipersonnelGrenade.png Antipersonnel Grenade
Rpg.png RPG
  • Explodes upon contact with a block or entity for 50-140 damage (depending on rocket) with a radius of 4.
  • 75 speed for RPG, 150 speed otherwise.
  • 0.05x gravity for RPG, 0.025x otherwise.
TripleBarrelRPG.png Triple Barrel RPG
RocketTurret.png Rocket Turret
BlockCannon.png Block Cannon
  • Creates a block upon contact with a surface.
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