St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack

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The St. Valentine's Day Massacre Pack was the first and only piece of downloadable content (DLC) made available for Ace of Spades. It was purchased through Steam, and required the main Ace of Spades game be installed in order to play. It was released on February 14th, 2013.

In the Battle Builder Update, the DLC was made free, most likely because of complaints that no one played it.

The St Valentine’s Day Massacre pack was inspired by the gang conflicts of 1920's, prohibition era Chicago. Specifically, the DLC was inspired by the St. Valentines day massacre that occurred on the 14th February 1929 during the height of a conflict between the North Side Gang, led by Bugs Moran, and the South Side Gang, led by Al Capone.

The DLC included new Game Modes, Maps, and Classes, along with their Weapons and Equipment.

Game Modes

Territory Control

Main article: Territory Control

The objective of Territory Control is to control as many territories as possible while stopping the enemy team from taking the territories back.


Main article: VIP

In VIP, players must protect their own VIP while attempting to kill the opposing team's VIP. Once the VIP is dead, each player on that team will slowly lose health until the team is completely wiped out.


City of Chicago

Main article: City of Chicago

A map inspired by the mob run streets of prohibition era Chicago.


Main article: Alcatraz

A map based on San Francisco's legendary prison.



Main article: Gangster

Heavily based on the mobsters of 1920's USA. The class consists of 4 randomly chosen skins for each Gangster, along with 2 skins for each VIP in the VIP game mode.

Weapons and Equipment


Main article: Crowbar

Available in the melee slot. Can destroy one map placed block in one hit, and deals 80 damage per hit to other players.

Tommy Gun

Main article: Tommy Gun

Available in the primary weapon slot. Has a high rate of fire and causes average damage to other players.

Snub Nosed Pistol

Main article: Snub Nosed Pistol

Available in the secondary weapon slot. Has a low magnification sight that makes it somewhat effective at medium range.

Molotov Cocktail

Main article: Molotov Cocktail

Available in the equipment slot. Burns for a short period of time upon hitting a player or surface, causing large amounts of damage to both players and blocks.


Previously, the Gangster had these constructs:

However, when the DLC was made free, all the constructs were removed.