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TemplateDocumentation.png Template Documentation


{{Key}} is used to illustrate key presses or keystrokes.


The key template is used with the following syntax:


For example, {{key|shift}} would produce ⇪ Shift.

The user is also able to provide a key combination, using the same syntax but adding more parameters:

{{key|alt|tab}}Alt+↹ Tab

The template currently supports up to 7 keys in a combo, which should be more than enough. If there is more it reports the page into the Category:Pages with key templates exceeding the maximum amount so we can easily find them and fix them.

To make the key appear with predefined text you can enter the key name, but you can also add in your own text for it, say {{key|Hi}} will make Hi.

There is no Unicode symbol for the Windows or Menu key symbols, and the Windows logo is trademarked anyway. The template uses approximants, as such:

{{key|windows}}⊞ Windows Key
{{key|menu}}░ Menu

You may need to use {{Symbol}} to use characters such as pipe dividers, hashes or equal signs in the key:


Using <nowiki>...</nowiki> is also an option.

Key list

• Letters A-Z
• Numbers 0-9
• Function keys F1-F12
• Shift ⇪ Shift
• Caps Lock Caps Lock
• Backspace ← Backspace
• Enter ↵ Enter
• Control CTRL Control
• Function FN Function
• Escape ESC Escape
• Windows Key ⊞ Windows Key
• Command Key ⌘ Command
• Option Key ⌥ Option
• Alt key Alt
• AltGr key AltGr
• Menu Key ░ Menu
• None (No Key)
• Unset (Unset)
• Whatever you type in HiAce of Spades WikiKeyetc

Kbd/Object Templates

  • {{key}} Intended to mark a key that needs to be pressed in the game, ex ↹ Tab
  • {{button}} Illustrates an on-screen button Your text goes here
  • {{click button}} Similar to {{button}}, but makes a clickable button Your text goes here