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I'm Gamerzap. I enjoy programming, and I'm OK at it, but I have no level of knowledge of the inner workings of a computer, so don't expect me to understand any of that :/. I almost never finish a project, but I'm hoping to one day. Oh, and, believe it or not, my highest accuracy (116 %) is with the drillgun.
Achievements Completed 79 (100%)
Game Wins 3
Game Losses 2
Highest Weapon Accuracy 116%
Total Weapon Accuracy 636%
Highest Weapon Points 31586
Total Weapon Points Something fairly average, I don't feel like adding it up.
Total Score 217303
K/D Ratio 1.447
My Avatar
Name Calvin
Location Maine, USA
Gender  ???
Favorite Class Marksman, although my favourite weapon is the drill cannon
Join Date 9/29/13
Age 14


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