The controls in Ace of Spades is similar to the controls in many other games. This page will show the default key bindings for Ace of Spades, however, the key bindings of your choice can be viewed or changed inside the settings, both inside and outside of the game.

Default Controls

Mouse Function
Left Click Fire Weapon; Use Weapon; Place blocks.
Scroll Wheel Cycle Next Weapon.
Right Click Aim; Use the sights; Spin up Minigun. (Dig trench with the spade in Classic CTF)
Movement Turning; Aiming.
Keyboard Function
W Move forward.
A Move left.
S Move backward.
D Move right.
V Sneak.
CTRL Control Crouch.
⇪ Shift Sprint.
R Reload Weapon.
1-9 Inventory Slots (Change weapons).
Change block color.
Y Team Chat.
T Global Chat.
M View Map.
↵ Enter Send message (when chat is shown).
↹ Tab View Scores. (Show Scoreboard)
. (Period) Change Team.
, (Comma) Change Class
ESC Escape In-Game Menu
E Pick Colour
F1-F3 Vote 1-3
K Kick Player. (Kick player menu)
(Unset) Toggle HUD.