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MinerBodyBlue.png MinerBodyGreen.png
Health 85, take 42.5% damage from headshots
Melee Super Spade
Primary Weapons Pump-Action Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun
Secondary Weapons Drill Cannon, Blocksucker
Equipment Dynamite, C4
Block Wallet 0 / 1000
Speed Average
Jump Height 3 blocks
Class Type Supportive (Offensive)
Class Skills Destruction

Close Range Combat

Burst Damage


Why go through when you can go under? Tunnel and destroy your way to the enemy! Get up close and personal!

-In-game description

The Miner is a class in Ace of Spades. He is the best class for tunneling and demolitions, due to the extremely effective Super Spade and Drill Cannon. Miner's take around half damage from all headshots, due to their helmet.

Weapons and Equipment


Super Spade

Extremely effective digging tool, that can also be used as a melee weapon.
Primary Weapon

Pump-Action Shotgun

Deadly at close range, but ineffective at mid range and near useless at long range.

Double Barrel Shotgun

Higher damage than the Pump-Action Shotgun, but lower range and accuracy.
Secondary Weapon

Drill Cannon

Fires a drill which causes massive block damage, and explodes after a short distance. Useful for creating tunnels quickly, or damaging structures, but poor as a weapon.


Sucks up blocks like a vacuum, and adds them to the player's block wallet. Cannot damage players. Requires the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack in order to equip.


Placed on the ground, exploding after 7 seconds. Has extremely high block damage and a large blast radius making it useful for damaging structures, but players can only carry one at a time.


Similar to Dynamite, but up to 2 can be carried at one time and it is remotely detonated instead of being on a timer.


Like all the main classes, the Miner can choose three Constructs.

Construct Notes

Flare Block

Produces light. Not commonly used, but can be used to light tunnels or mark points of interest.
Prefab superdome.png

Super Dome

Very large prefab that can be used to quickly reinforce a base or hill.
Prefab superpole.png

Super Pole

Prefab safety corridor.png

Safety Corridor

Can be used to provide a protected passageway.


The Miner is effective at close range, but near useless at a distance due to a lack of long range weapons. Players should not attempt to take on other classes at a distance, as they will likely be killed before coming into range. Instead, players should try to get up close and personal where you can kill most classes in one or two hits.

A good tactic to employ is to ambush other players by remaining in corners or against walls and killing them as they move past. "Breaching" tactics, where the player destroys a section of a wall or building (using, for example, the Drill Cannon) and charges through with all guns blazing, are also an extremely effective way to use the Pump Action Shotgun; as players can surprise enemies sheltering behind a wall and have enough shots to clear out a whole room.

The Drill Cannon can be useful as a weapon if you know that someone is behind a wall or on a ledge, because the drill will go through the blocks and kill them.

The Miner class is extremely effective at destruction, making him useful for building tunnels to the enemies intel in Capture the Flag, and destroying the enemies base in Demolition. The Miner is also useful in the Zombie Game Mode as Zombies must get close to players to damage them, making them vulnerable to the Miner's shotguns.

We can hit Dynamite to make it explode to avoid long fuse.


The Miner match-ups article contains strategies for dealing with other classes as a Miner.


Approximate damage values for the Miner class. Please note that this image has only approximate damage values as it does not account for range falloff, limb/body damage differences, and shotgun damage per pallet.



"Why go through when you can go under?"
"Up close and personal."
"Let's hit 'em where they don't expect it!"
"They can't hit what they can't see, boys."

Unused Quotes

The Miner has two quotes which can be found in the game files, but are not currently used in-game.

"You don't wanna get in my way, boy."

Steam Trading Card Description


He may not have the combat expertise of his brethren, but the Miner can travel through the terrain with unprecedented speed and has the ability to bring down buildings with his deadly arsenal.


The Miner's starting block count was reduced from 500 to 0 in Version 165 (Modding Update & More!), released on September 2nd 2014.



  • A variant of the Miner known as the UGC Builder is used in the Map Editor.
  • The Miner's unused class icon bears a strong resemblance to the pickaxes in Minecraft.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
HeadsYouWinUnachieved.jpg HeadsYouWin.jpg Heads You Win
10 headshots with the shotgun
Only available in the Miner class.
AllYourBaseUnachieved.jpg AllYourBase.jpg All Your Base
Destroy 1000 blocks of enemy bases in demolition mode using the drill gun
Only available in the Miner class.
FlooredGeniusUnachieved.jpg FlooredGenius.jpg Floored Genius
Kill 10 enemies by placing dynamite below them then blowing out the floor
Only available in the Miner class.