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Available to Commando
Player damage 140
Block damage Average

Destroys 10+ map blocks in one hit
Destroys 10+ player placed block in two hits

Rate of fire 45 RPM

0.67 RPS

One shot every 1.5 seconds

Effective range Long
Spread 11 pixels
Sight 2x

When scoping there is a green ring around the screen, reducing the player's field of view.

Reload type Clip
Reload time 1.5 seconds, including delay
Ammunition capacity 3 rounds

1 per magazine

Recoil High
Other notes Low flight speed

Causes area damage

Moderately affected by gravity

The RPG (stands for rocket-propelled grenade) is a weapon available to the Commando class in the secondary weapon slot, along with the Triple Barrel RPG. It is a large, green, shoulder-fired rocket launcher.

A view down the sights of the RPG.

The RPG is a useful weapon at medium range, and can cause major damage if you manage to land a hit. However, this can be difficult as the low flight speed of the shells makes attacks relatively easy to dodge. At short range, you risk taking large amounts of damage from your own shells. At long range, the shell can be easily dodged because of its high visibility, slow flight speed, low accuracy (compared to the rifles, compared to everything else the RPG is very accurate), and the fact that the shell is affected by gravity.

You can use RPG to negate fall damage - if you rocket jump just before you hit the ground, you can effectively survive a fall which would kill you otherwise, although it's triple barrel counterpart is a lot more effective due to the lower self-damage.

Block Destruction

On default settings, the RPG shotgun can destroy 10+ map placed blocks in one hit, and 10+ player placed blocks in two hits.

Player Damage

The RPG is a 1 hit kill to any class in its blast radius.


LMB Fire
RMB Sights
3 Select weapon


The RPG is best used at short and medium range, but at long range it's low flight speed and arc due to gravity become apparent.

Due to it's high block damage, the RPG is often used in the zombie gamemode to destroy zombie structures such as bridges.

Long range
High damage
Low ammo
Slow flight speed

Weapon Demonstration Video

RPG weapon demonstration video.


The RPG's block damage was reduced in Version 165 (Modding Update & More!).


See Also

Triple Barrel RPG


  • Very powerful. Can one hit kill any class.
  • Large blast radius means it is very easy to hit someone.
  • Can be used to negate fall damage, but this is only useful on lethal falls because of the high damage this will do to you.


  • The long reload time and ability to damage yourself means aiming carefully is very important.
  • The flight speed is slow and it is affected by gravity, so it is very difficult to hit someone at a range.