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The current Ace of Spades logo.

Ace of Spades is a multiplayer creative first-person shooter, initially created by Ben Aksoy and currently under development by Jagex Games Studio. Players can choose from a variety of game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag which take place in a fully destructible voxel based environment, where players can destroy blocks or place them to help them achieve the game's objective.


A screenshot from Ace of Spades, showing the interface, voxel environment and player placed blocks.
Ace of Spades is a multiplayer first person shooter. The game is set in a voxel environment, with both the maps and players being composed of cubes. Players can destroy the environment using their weapons, and doing so is often vital to completing the game's objective as players can create tunnels and trenches, destroy structures and more. In addition to destruction, there is construction, and players can place blocks of their own. In most game modes, players can place either a single block or a 'Construct' - a premade structure that can be used to build quicker. Players can build bridges, fortifications, bases and more - the only limit is their creativity.

Game Modes

Players can play in a variety of Game Modes such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. In a Custom Match players can change many of the game rules such as the Map, match length, classes that can be used, available weapons and more.


Clases are an important aspect of Ace of Spades. Different classes have different weapons, tools and Constructs (prefabricated structures) available to them, as well as different attributes; for example, the Commando class has more health than the Marksman class, but the Marksman can jump higher and move faster. Different classes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and uses in different situations. In most game modes, the following classes are available:

Although some game modes are different.

Not all game modes allow players to choose a class; for example, the Classic CTF game mode has only one class available - the Deuce.

Map Editor

In addition to the various maps created by Jagex and supplied with the game, players can create their own Custom Maps using the Map Editor or various 3rd party programs and share them with others through the Steam workshop.


Ace of Spades has an active community. Most discussion takes place on the official Ace of Spades Forum and Ace of Spade's Steam forums. The game also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition to these Jagex run websites, there are also player run sites such as this Wiki and the Zone of Aces fansite.

Unofficial IRC and Mumble servers are hosted by Marisa Kirisame.

History and Development

Ace of Spades was originally created by Ben Aksoy using the Voxlap engine, by Ken Silverman. The game was first released to the public on April 4th 2011, approximately 6 months after development first started.

In November 2012, Jagex Games Studios announced that they had bought the game, and had been working with the original creators for around a year.

On December 12th 2012, Ace of Spades left beta and was released on Steam.

Ace of Spades was previously developed by Blitz Games Studios and published by Jagex through it's commercial publishing division. In September 2013, Blitz shut down citing problems raising finance for new projects. Following this, it was announced that Jagex was bringing the development of Ace of Spades in-house, and was forming a small, focused team to continue developing the game.


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