Antipersonnel Grenade

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Antipersonnel Grenade
Available to Commando
Player damage Lethal
Block damage 25% of 10-20 blocks
Rate of fire 2 RPS
Ammunition capacity 4 rounds

A Commando with an Antipersonnel Grenade equipped.

The Antipersonnel Grenade is a throwable weapon and is currently only available to the Commando in the equipment slot. It causes massive player damage, much higher than that of the regular Grenade, but only explodes a small amount of block damage (Small Radius). It has a 3 second tick delay before it explodes.

Block Damage

An Antipersonnel Grenade does very little damage to blocks, and cannot destroy a block at full health.

Player Damage

The Antipersonnel Grenade will most likely kill all classes as long as they are near it when it explodes.


Grenades are not frequently used by players, but if used correctly they can be very powerful.

If an enemy built a bunker ahead of you and there are three other enemies in it, going in will probably result in you getting shot, but if you throw a grenade in you can kill most of them (all of them if the bunker is small) and drive the others out, allowing you to finish them off with your minigun.

The grenades are especially useful on the multihull mode because an enemy-occupied base can be very susceptible to grenade attacks.

Antipersonnel Grenade
Very high player damage
Low block damage


LMB Throw. Hold down longer to throw further.
5 Select weapon



  • Instantly kills anybody in the blast radius.
  • Very large blast radius.
  • Difficult to see.


  • It has a long fuse, so if it is spotted enemies will have time to escape.