Automatic Pistol

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Automatic Pistol
Available to Marksman, Specialist
Player damage Average
Block damage Average
Rate of fire High
Effective range Short
Spread High
Reload type Clip
Reload time Short
Ammunition capacity 50 rounds

15 per magazine

Recoil Up: Low

Side: High

Green first person view.
The Automatic Pistol is a secondary weapon available to the Marksman and Specialist classes. It requires the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack to be purchased in order to be able to equip it.

Compared to the normal Pistol, the Automatic Pistol has higher horizontal recoil and spread, but has a higher fire rate, making it a more suitable option for very offensive Marksmen. Due to this, however, the Automatic Pistol is bad for longer range shots, meaning more defensive players may still prefer the normal Pistol.

Automatic Pistol
High fire rate
Low ammo
Low accuracy
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