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Blitz Games Studios was a video game developer based in Leamington Spa, United Kingdom.

Ace of Spades

A division of Blitz Games Studios, Blitz Games, had been working with Jagex since before launch to develop Ace of Spades. In Build 3133, Blitz Games' logo was added to the Ace of Spades splash screen to better credit them.

In September 2013, Blitz Games Studios shut down following problems raising finance for new projects. Following this, it was announced that Jagex was bringing development of Ace of Spades in house.

Company History

Blitz Games was founded by Andrew and Philip Oliver in 1990 as Interactive Studios, with the company being renamed to Blitz Games Studios in 1999. Blitz Games, which developed Ace of Spades, is a division of Blitz Games Studios, based in Warwickshire, England.

Along with Ace of Spades, other notable games produced by the company include Glover, released in 1999, and Reservoir Dogs, released in 2006.

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