Block Cannon

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Block Cannon
Available to Engineer
Player damage Head: 14

Torso: 14

Limb: 12

Block damage None - places a block
Rate of fire 300 RPM


One shot every 0.2 seconds

Effective range Medium
Spread 0 pixels (Reticule is shown at 25 pixels)
Sight 2x

When using the sight a white ring around the screen appears, lowering the field of view.

Ammunition capacity Capacity of the players block wallet (varies between classes)
Recoil None
Other notes Low flight speed

Block Cannon
Builds blocks quickly
Good range
Low damage
Uses blocks for ammo
An example of a bridge created using the Block Cannon.

The Block Cannon is a weapon available to the Engineer class in the secondary weapon slot, along with the Rocket Turret.

It is unique amongst Ace of Spades weapons in that it uses blocks from the players Block Wallet as ammunition, which land on the ground if they do not hit another player. This makes the Block Cannon useful for building bridges quickly, or for creating small walls.

The low player damage and flight speed of the blocks make the Block Cannon a poor weapon. It is mostly commonly used by the Engineer when he has ran out of ammunition for the SMG, or in Zombie mode to attack Zombies at long distance without wasting ammunition.

Players will take around five points of damage from blocks fired from their own Block Cannon.

A view down the sights of the Block Cannon.

Block Destruction

Blocks fired from the Block Cannon will land on the ground.

The Block Cannon cannot destroy other blocks. Instead, blocks fired will land on the ground.


LMB Fire
RMB Aim down sights
4 Select weapon

Map Editor

The Block Cannon is also available in the Map Editor, where it has slightly different controls.

Map Editor

LMB Fire
RMB Scope
Select Color
E Pick Color
4 Select weapon



  • Prior to Build 3067, which was released on 14th May 2013, the Block Cannon was known as the Snowblower and was white, as well as being available to all classes in the Equipment slot.


  • Useful for building quickly or at a distance.


  • Very weak damage, low flight speed and high gravity effect make this a very poor weapon.