Bolt-Action Rifle

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Bolt-Action Rifle
Available to Marksman
Player damage Very high
Block damage High

100% of map block
50% of player placed block

Rate of fire 60 RPM (30 RPM with Reload)

1 RPS (2 RPS with Reload)

One shot every 2 seconds

Effective range Very far (10000 blocks)
Sight 4x
Reload type Clip
Reload time 3 seconds, including delay
Ammunition capacity 7 rounds

1 per magazine

Recoil 0.06V
Other notes Effective scope
Can achieve "penetration" kills

Bolt-Action Rifle
High damage
High accuracy
Low ammo
High recoil

The Bolt-Action Rifle is a weapon available to the Marksman class in the primary weapon slot. It is a grey sniper rifle with a team-coloured camouflage pattern.

With a high magnification scope, the Bolt-Action Rifle allows for accurate shots at long range. With the exception of the Miner, a headshot from the Bolt-Action Rifle is an instant kill to any class.

Players can aim down the scope of the Bolt-Action Rifle using the right mouse button. After a shot has been fired, the player will return to the regular view. Whilst scoping, a laser sight visible to other players is emitted from the Marksman to the location they are aiming at.

When the player scopes in with the Bolt-Action Rifle, the spread reduces to pin-point accuracy - when not in the scoped view, the spread is quite high making it useless in that state, apart from noscope kills.

A view down the scope of the Bolt-Action Rifle.

Block Destruction

On default settings, the Bolt-Action Rifle will destroy a map block in one hit, and a player placed block in two hits.

Player Damage

As the Bolt-Action Rifle is a very powerful weapon, it takes very few hits to kill someone. Only 1 headshot is required to kill any class (except Miner, which requires 2 shots). 2 body shots is required to kill any class (Except Zombie, which requires 4). The table below provides accurate information on how much damage the Bolt-Action Rifle will do.

Entity Part Damage
Player Torso 50
Player Head 175
Player Legs 50
Player Arms 50
Block 5

The Bolt-Action Rifle is able to achieve "penetration" kills - if two enemies are close to each other in a line, when you shoot the one in front, the bullet may go through that player, killing the enemy behind them at the same time.


LMB Fire
RMB Scope
3 Select weapon


Due to the laser sight on the Bolt-Action Rifle, the location of a marksman will be immediately obvious when they are scoping, making them an easy target. Because of this, it is recommended that players using the Bolt-Action Rifle use a 'gun and run' style of gameplay, not staying scoped in or at one location for too long.

Some players like to use a strategy which is often called 'quick scoping', where the target is lined up before the scope is activated. This way the sniper beam's visbility time is minimized while still allowing accurate sniper fire.

The key to using the bolt action rifle is to make individual shots count - a rushed shot may damage the target without killing them or it may simply miss, and your hideout will be given away. Unlike the Semi-Auto Rifle, you cannot fire multiple shots while scoped in. Some players view the bolt action rifle as 'inferior' because of this feature, however the higher damage does compensate for the low fire rate. It is not as 'flexible' in use as other weapons, however the Bolt-Action Rifle is very, very good at what it does do: reliably taking out targets from beyond their retaliatory range.


Prior to build 3067, which was released on May 14th 2013, the Bolt-Action Rifle was known as the sniper rifle. The Bolt-Action Rifle's ammunition capacity was reduced from 15 to 7 in Version 165 (Modding Update & More!), released on September 2nd 2014.


  • Very powerful. Capable of killing most enemies in one hit.
  • Very long range. Almost no falloff and no spread.


  • Weak at a close distance due to reload time.
  • Very visible when scoped.
  • Very headshot dependent.


  • The camouflage pattern appears black to other players, regardless of what team they're on.