Build 2652

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28th March 2013

New Maps

  • The Colosseum
  • The Great Wall
  • Atlantis
  • Frontier
  • Invasion
  • Classic Gen

New Game Mode

  • Occupation Mode (Attackers [Green] vs Defenders [Blue])


  • Improved Main Menu background
  • Loading Bar Bullets now have improved visibility


  • Improved sky boxes are now available on many maps
  • Laser Sight added to Sniper Rifles


  • Improved Timer Design
  • Entity Icons on the Mini Map are now white instead of black
  • Added building health percentage indicators in Demolition Mode
  • Added numeric value to health bar
  • Added current class icon to health bar
  • Classic:
  • Reduced block auto climb speed


  • Added Block Colour Picker for Standard Blocks and Prefabs. (Press E or Right Click)
  • Improved Scoring System
  • Reduced Triple Barrel RPG knockback on team members
  • Increased Falling Damage
  • Weapon swaps automatically when current weapon is out of ammo
  • Spectators can now rejoin their previous team regardless of team balancing


  • Improved Textures for Health, Ammo, and Block Crates
  • Players can now vote for the next map before the end of the round
  • Added Chat Profanity Filter
  • Idle players are kicked from the server automatically
  • Players can now receive Domination and Revenge status against other players
  • Added Multi-Kill notifications
  • Improved block placement messaging (Block Not Attached, Block Too Far Away etc)
  • Window resolution is now saved between sessions when using Windowed Mode.


  • Added new ambient sound effect for Mayan Jungle Map


  • Other Minor Client & Server Optimisations


  • Minimap entity icons show a height indicator pointing up/down accordingly.
  • Players can now dig more blocks at a time using RMB with the spade. Destroyed blocks are not added to the players total block count
  • Bottom layer of the world is now indestructible
  • Players can no longer build on the water
  • Increased spawn protection to 3 seconds
  • Prevented player names from displaying through blocks
  • Grenade damage can no longer pass through walls
  • Fixed inconsistencies with Grenade throwing range

Known Issues

  • Rocket Jumping no longer functions correctly due to balancing changes made for this build. Will be fixed in future version.