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Available to Miner
Player damage High
Block damage High
Effective range Close
Ammunition capacity 2

C4 placed on a wall and on the ground.
Green first person view.
C4 is an equipment item available to the Miner.

Once placed, the C4 item in the player's inventory will be replaced by the C4 remote. Upon right-clicking with the C4 remote, the C4 will explode, doing a high amount of damage. Left-clicking with the C4 remote will allow the player to place more C4. This means the C4 can be placed, then detonated when an enemy is near. For example, in the Multi-Hill Game Mode, C4 can be placed at the entrance to the hill and detonated when an enemy tries to gain access.

Only one C4 will be restored when picking up an Ammo Crate.

Similar to Dynamite, C4 can be placed on walls and ceilings.

High damage
High blast radius
Low ammo

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