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Capture the Flag, often abbreviated to CTF and sometimes called Capture the Intel, is a game mode available in Ace of Spades.


The blue team's intel.
The green team's intel.
The green team's base.
The blue team's base.
A green border appears around the screen when in the green team's base.
A blue border appears around the screen when in the green team's base.

The aim of Capture the Flag is to take the enemy team's intel from their base and return it to your own, scoring one point for your team. In a ranked match, players carrying the intel are slowed down significantly and are unable to fire their weapon, making them an easy target for the opposing team unless they are protected by their team mates. If a player is killed whilst carrying the intel it will be dropped on the ground, and will return to the enemy's base after 60 seconds. The first team to capture the enemy's intel five times wins the match. This can be changed in a custom match. If neither team does so by the end of the match, then the team with the highest score is declared the winner.

A teams 'base' is defined as the area within the green or blue glowing box. A green or blue glowing border will appear around the players screen when they are within the confines of a teams base.


Icons appear on the screen to aid players during gameplay, and will change depending on the status of the intel.

  • BaseAndIntelIcon.png - Points towards a base with secure intel
  • Cropped-base-icon.png - Points towards a base without intel
  • WhiteIntel.png - Points towards intel

Icons will also appear on the minimap.

  • MinimapIntelIcon.png Shows the location of the intel

Custom Matches

In custom matches, the following game mode specific options can be changed:

Enable Shooting With Intel

Default: No

Players can choose whether a player carrying intel can use their weapons or not

Enable Intel Return on Touch

Default: No

If set to yes, the team's intel will return to it's base when touched by a member of its team.

Target Score

Default: 5

The target score for the round. Can be set between 1 and 5.

Enable Intel Auto Return

Default: Yes

If set to yes, intel removed from a team's base will return to the base after 60 seconds.



The Engineer can fly using his Engineer Jetpack, making stealing the intel much faster. However, this advantage may be offset by the Engineer's low health.

Intel Throwing

Players can travel quicker with the intel by throwing it in front of them, running ahead and picking it up, then throwing it again. By repeating this players can travel much more quickly than simply moving with the intel.


If a player is being attacked whilst carrying the intel, it is often best to drop the intel, kill the attacker, and then pick it up again.


A commonly used tactic is to dig a tunnel to beneath the enemies intel to bypass their defences. The Miner class is especially well suited for this task.

Intel Defences

Players can make your intel more difficult to steal by building a tall, well-suppported, hard-to-climb tower. Burying the intel just makes it easier for the enemy to steal it without you seeing.


Game Mode Score Types

Action Score
Carry Flag +50 every 5 seconds
Flag Escort +10 every 5 seconds
Capture Flag +10
First to Claim Flag +100
Flag Distraction +100
Flag Defend + 50
Close to Flag + 50
Flag Assault +50
Flag Carrier Defend +100

Generic Score Types

Action Score
Headshot +150
Melee +150
Kill +100
Assist +50
Death Revenge +50
Payback +50
Reloading Kill +50
Defend +50
Suicide -100

Available Maps

Ranked Match

Capture the Flag can be played on the following maps in a Ranked Match:

Custom Match

Capture the Flag can be played on the following maps in the Custom Match:


Capture the Flag was added to Ace of Spades in Build 1975, which was released on December 21st 2012.

In Build 2180, which was released on February 8th 2013, the score limit for Capture the Flag was changed from 50 to 5, and the points awarded for capturing the flag were changed from 10 to 1.