Chemical Bomb

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Chemical Bomb
Available to Specialist
Player damage High
Block damage High
Effective range Medium
Ammunition capacity 4, spawn with 2
Other notes Explodes on impact

Creates a toxic goo that continues to damage blocks after exploding

Green first person view.
The goo from an exploded Chemical Bomb destroying blocks.
The Chemical Bomb is an equipment item available to the Specialist class.

The Chemical Bomb is a thrown grenade which will explode upon collision. The longer the button is held down for, the further it is thrown. When the Chemical Bomb explodes, it creates a toxic goo that will damage blocks and players that come in contact with it. Players who come in contact with the goo suffer a damage over time effect, reducing their chance of survival.

The Chemical Bomb has no effect if it is thrown into water. If a player jumps into water after coming in contact with a Chemical Bomb's goo, the damage over time effect will be removed.

Only 2 Chemical Bombs will be restored when picking up an Ammo Crate.


Chemical Bomb
Dissolves blocks over time
Create damaging goo
Low Ammo
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