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Clans, also known as teams or guilds, are organised groups of players in the Ace of Spades community.

Clan Pages

Adding Your Clan

Players are welcome to create pages for clans on the Ace of Spades Wiki. These pages could include content such as an overview, history, structure, memberlist, screenshots, videos and more.

To keep things organised, when creating a page for a clan, please make it a subpage of the Clans page - ie. the title should be "Clans/Name of Clan".

The form below can be used to create a page quickly:

When adding your clan to the table below, please keep it in alphabetical order.

You may find Template:ClanInfoBox useful when making your page.

List of Clans

Image Clan Name Clan Overview
No logo Ace of Spades Sniper Class Ace of Spades Sniper Class, is an elite group for the best snipers in AoS!
Blockhead Skullcrushers Blockhead Skullcrushers is a very competitive clan of a high standard with skilled members.
No logo Lime Party Lime Party is a European clan that mostly plays the classic mode
Prestige Prestige is the most elite clan that Ace of Spades has to offer. Entry is close to impossible in terms of percentage. Prestige is not a competitive clan but does compete as individuals in competitions.
No logo Team Steve Team Steve is a clan suitable for people who are willing to do awesome things. We're looking for people who can listen, keep their balls off corpses, and in general just be awesome and do awesome things.
No logo Untouchables Untouchables is a clan only for pro players willing to evolve in an anarchist organization. Our clan has no central power or leadership. Each member is entitled to his own choices and decisions. Recruiting is based on trust and 'Ballerama' factor.