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There are several classes available in Ace of Spades. Different classes have different weapons, tools and prefabs (prefabricated structures) available to them, as well as different attributes; for example, the Commando class has more health than the Marksman class, but the Marksman can jump higher and move faster. The class system is an important feature of Ace of Spades, with different classes having their own advantages and disadvantages, and uses in different situations.

Class Index
CommandoBody.png MarksmanBlueBody.png EngineerBodyBlue.png MinerBodyBlue.png
Commando Marksman Engineer Miner
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Gamemode-specific classes
DeuceBodyBlue.png ZombieBodyBlue.png Gangster1HeadBlue.png MinerBodyBlue.png
Deuce Zombie Gangster UGC Builder
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Main article: Commando

The Commando features two very powerful weapons, the Minigun and the RPG, and a health value of 100, making him very suited for combat-heavy game modes such as Team Deathmatch. Generally used as an attacking or tank class.


  • Grenades can be thrown into a hill or a base to easily kill hidden or protected enemies
  • Devastating at mid range with fast and powerful minigun
  • High health
  • Relatively fast
  • Rocket jumps allow for high mobility
  • Rocket is very powerful at short range, but is slow and easily dodged at long range


  • The commando's large weapons are difficult to handle at close range
  • Melee weapons very weak compared to other classes
  • Large body and weapons mean you are easy to spot and easy to hit
  • Low rocket ammo
  • Starts with very few blocks


Main article: Marksman

The Marksman is the sniper of Ace of Spades. He is equipped with either a bolt action or semi-automatic sniper rifle, depending on what the player chooses.


  • Very fast speed and high jump height
  • Better at long range than all other classes
  • One of the most powerful classes at close range and adequate at mid range
  • Difficult to spot normally due to small size and hard to see coloration
  • Mines allow the player to defend themselves while sniping, or defend their base.


  • Lowest health of all classes
  • Very visible when scoping


Main article: Engineer

The Engineer is able to build stuff. When I say build stuff, I mean build lots of stuff. He has the Engineer Jetpack, and the largest block wallet of all classes available.


  • HUGE block wallet
  • Starts with almost full block wallet
  • Wide variety of large prefabs and block cannon make building easy
  • Jetpack provides high mobility
  • Turret allows the player to defend themselves or a base, and acts as a sentry for enemies


  • Slowest speed
  • Weapon variety is not great
  • Rather weak at medium range due to lack of accuracy
  • Low ammo
  • Useless at long range
  • Very highly visible


Main article: Miner

The Miner is the direct opposite of the Engineer. That means he digs a ton. He has access to three tools, the Super Spade, Drill Cannon and Dynamite, which allows him to destroy a lot of blocks in a short amout of time.


  • Much better at digging than other classes due to super spade and drill cannon
  • Very powerful at close range
  • Resistant to headshots
  • Starts with a good amount of blocks


  • Slower than most classes
  • Struggles to kill anything at mid range
  • Completely unable to do anything at long range
  • A danger to itself
  • Performance is very inconsistent
  • Easy to spot
  • Very low weapon variety


Main article: Deuce

Only available in Classic CTF

The Deuce needs no real explanation. He's just a proper rifleman. Well, providing the player can use the thing correctly, the Deuce can be pretty powerful.


  • Very powerful at all ranges with rifle
  • High health
  • Good weapon variety
  • Grenades are useful for taking out hidden or protected enemies in bases
  • Hard to spot


  • Has a hard time climbing hills
  • Relatively slow
  • Very low block count, difficulty obtaining blocks
  • Rather bad at digging


Main article: Zombie (class)

Only available in Zombie

BRAINZ!!! The Zombie is the fastest class in the game. It's also got a jump height pretty similar to that of the Marksman. Too bad he's only melee though.


  • Extremely fast, high jump height
  • Extremely high health and damage
  • Very good at digging
  • Can tell roughly where enemies are
  • Can respawn and can have much greater numbers than the enemy



Main article: Gangster

Only available in VIP and Territory Control

If you can't win by fighting fair... Alright, never mind. The Gangster is a gangster. He has a Snub Nosed Pistol and a Tommy Gun. We can't really explain him in a short way.


  • Tommy gun is very useful in all situations, and all weapons are very powerful
  • Fast speed and high jump height
  • Good weapon variety
  • Very powerful at mid to close range
  • Cocktails can be used like grenades, or can be used to quickly destroy blocks.
  • High health


  • No constructs
  • Bad at digging
  • Very visible

UGC Builder

Main article: UGC Builder

Only available in the Map Editor

The UGC Builder is your map building buddy. He's invincible, has a endless amount of blocks, and can do amazing things to build awesome Custom Maps.