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Classic CTF, also known as Classic Mode, is a game mode that features gameplay similar to the 0.x (Voxlap) versions of Ace of Spades.

Gameplay Objective

The Blue Team's Intel
Classic CTF follows similar rules to CTF game modes found in other games. Players must take the enemies team's intel (the 'flag') from their Command Post, and bring it to their own Command Post, all while protecting their own intel and preventing it from being captured.

The only class playable in this game mode is the Deuce. In a Ranked Match, the only weapon available for use is the Classic Rifle along with the Classic Grenade. In a Custom Match, the Classic SMG and Classic Shotgun are also available.

Players stand in their team's Command Post to restore their health and ammunition.


Guarding your Intel

Capturing the other team's intel is the goal of Classic CTF, so protecting your own team's intel is extremely important. There are many ways you can protect your intel, however, the most common way is via an intel tower.

Here are some guidelines when building an intel tower:

  • Your tower must be hard to climb.
  • Your center pillar must have support pillars to the side.
  • Supports must be adequately-spaced.
  • No pillar in the tower should exceed a thickness of 2x2. Otherwise, the enemy can climb up inside
Burying your intel is a bad idea and is never advised. The enemy can just tunnel under your base, grab your intel, and run off with it before you even realize what happened.

For more help there is a forum thread on Build and Shoot with some interesting towers you can possibly construct.


Game Mode Score Types

Action Score
Carry Flag +50 every 5 seconds
Flag Escort +10 every 5 seconds
Capture Flag +10
First to Claim Flag +100
Flag Distraction +100
Flag Defend +50
Close to Flag +50
Flag Assault +50
Flag Carrier Defend +100
Flag Intercept +50

Generic Score Types

Action Score
Headshot +150
Melee +150
Kill +100
Assist +50
Death Revenge +50
Payback +50
Reloading Kill +50
Defend +50
Suicide -100

Custom Matches

The following game mode specific options can be changed in a Custom Match:

Enable Shooting With Intel

Default: Yes

If enabled, players will be able to fire their weapons when holding the intel.

Enable Intel Return on Touch

Default: No

If enabled, players can touch their team's intel to return it to their base.

Target Score

Default: 5

The score the team's must reach to win. Can be between 1 and 10.

Enable Intel Auto Return

Default: No

If enabled, the intel will return to it's base after being on the ground for a short period.

Enable Classic SMG

Default: No

If enabled, player's can choose the Classic SMG.

Enable Classic Shotgun

Default: No

If enabled, player's can choose the Classic Shotgun.

Enable Classic Rifle

Default: Yes

If enabled, player's can choose the Classic Rifle.

Available Maps

Ranked Match

Classic CTF can be played on the following maps in a Ranked Match:

Custom Match

Classic CTF can be played on the following maps in a Custom Match:

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
OverYourDeadBodyUnachieved.jpg OverYourDeadBody.jpg Over Your Dead Body
Teabag 10 corpses in classic
Only available in Classic CTF mode.
CourierKillerUnachieved.jpg CourierKiller.jpg Courier Killer
Kill 5 players while carrying the intel in classic
Only available in Classic CTF mode.