Classic Rifle

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Classic Rifle
Classic rifle.png
Available to Deuce
Player damage 100 headshots, 70 body shots, 35 limb shots


Block damage Medium

Destroys one map block in three hits

Rate of fire 120 RPM (100 with reload)

2 RPS (1.67 with reload)

One shot every 0.5 seconds (0.6 second average)

Effective range Long, even when not scoping, as it still has perfect accuracy and the scope is only a 2x zoom
Spread 0 pixels
Sight 2x
Reload time 1 second
Ammunition capacity 60 rounds

10 rounds per magazine

Recoil Moderate
Other notes Only available in Classic Mode

Classic rifle.png
Classic Rifle
High damage
High accuracy
Low ammo
Half start ammo

The Classic Rifle is a weapon available in Classic Mode. The Rifle is an all-round weapon, which does not have any particular strengths and weaknesses, but one that is quite good in every area and therefore outperforms every other weapon in the game.


LMB Fire
RMB Aim down sights


Until an update on May 14th 2013, the rifle was the only available weapon in Classic Mode. Now, the players can also choose an SMG or a shotgun in some custom matches.

With the addition of custom matches, the rifle can be used in all modes by disabling all classes.

Related Achievements

Locked/Unlocked Image Name and Objective Notes
OpenYourMindUnachieved.jpg OpenYourMind.jpg Open Your Mind
Score 50 headshots with the classic rifle
Only available in Classic CTF mode.


  • The rifle is based on the M14 rifle.


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