Classic Shotgun

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Classic Shotgun
Available to Deuce
Player damage High
Block damage High
Rate of fire 60 RPM (40-60 with reload)

1 RPS (0.67-1 with reload)

One shot every second (1-1.5 second average with reload)

Effective range Short (< 75 blocks)
Spread 53-107

Firing once will max out the spread

The spread will go down 4 pixels per second

Sight 2x
Reload time 0.5 seconds per round
Ammunition capacity 45 rounds

5 per magazine

Recoil High
Other notes Only available in Classic Mode

Classic Shotgun
High damage
High reload speed
Low range
Low accuracy

The Classic Shotgun is a weapon available to the Deuce in Classic Mode.


LMB Fire
RMB Sights
3 Select weapon


The Classic Shotgun was added to Ace of Spades in Build 3067, which was released on 14th May 2013.


Since the shotgun shoots 12 pellets at once, the damage for each pellet is low. However, it adds up to greater damage. The closer the player, the more damage dealt. The table below corresponds to accurate entity damage the weapon deals.

Entity Part Damage
Player Torso 20
Player Head 30
Player Legs 12
Player Arms 12
Block 1


If the player reloads between shots, it will not slow down their fire rate, meaning they can avoid a pause by doing this.


  • The Classic Shotgun uses the same image as the Pump-Action Shotgun, but with a brown square with a black border edited onto it.
  • The Shotgun is based on the Remington Model 870 shotgun.