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CommandoBody.png CommandoBodyGreen.png
Health 100
Melee Spade, Combat Knife
Primary Weapons Minigun, Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapons RPG, Triple Barrel RPG
Equipment Grenade, Antipersonnel Grenade, Parachute
Block Wallet 200 / 1000
Speed Slightly Above Average
Jump Height 3 blocks
Class Type Combat (Offensive)
Class Skills Close Range Combat

Mid Range Combat

Long Range Light Damage (If someone is stupid enough to stand in front of your rocket, you may be able to kill them)

Burst Damage

"You can do a lot of damage with heavy weaponry, and take a beating to boot. Show the bad guys whose boss!"

In-game description


The Commando is a class in Ace of Spades, which is generally used as a tank or attacking class. The Commando is a great choice for new players, as he has some of the most powerful weapons on his arsenal.

Weapons and Equipment



Digging tool that can remove two blocks per hit. Can also be used as a weak melee weapon.

Combat Knife

Close range melee weapon with high speed and high player damage, but ineffective as a digging tool.
Primary Weapon


Extremely high rate of fire and high damage, but inaccurate at long range. Takes a short time to "spin up".

Assault Rifle

High damage. Unique among other weapons in that it fires 3 shots in a rapid succession before pausing briefly. Requires the Hurt + Heal DLC Pack in order to equip.
Secondary Weapon


High damage and accuracy, but low ammunition capacity and flight speed. Good at medium range.

Triple Barrel RPG

Low damage and less accuracy, but can fire three shots in quick succession, and can be used to rocket jump more effectively than the regular RPG. Extremely high block damage.


Thrown weapon with average player and high block damage

Antipersonnel Grenade

Thrown weapon with high player damage but low block damage.


Activates by pressing Space while in the air. While active, the player will fall slower, allowing them to fall great distances without taking damage.


Like all the main classes, the Commando can choose three Constructs.

Construct Notes

Flare Block

Produces light. Not commonly used, but can be used to light tunnels or mark points of interest.
Prefab ultrabarrier.png

Ultra Barrier

Large prefab that can be used to reinforce a base or hill.
Prefab superbarrier.png

Super Barrier

Prefab supersmallwall.png

Super Small Wall

With the addition of a row of blocks at the bottom of a Super Small Wall, players can fire over the top of the wall, and then crouch to take cover when reloading or when under fire. Smallest construct available to the Commando.
Prefab fort wall.png

Fort Wall

Can be used to provide some cover from enemy fire. Players can fire through the gaps in the wall, and then take cover when reloading or when under fire.


The Commando is generally regarded as an attacking class, and is especially suited to Combat heavy game modes such as Team Deathmatch. The high health and attacking power of the Commando makes it ideal for direct attacks against enemies.

The Commando's mini gun is effective at short and medium range, but becomes ineffective at long range. At close range players may consider using the RPG, which can one-hit most classes with a direct hit. The Triple Barrel RPG can fire three shots in quick succession but this does not make up for it's low damage, making the RPG a better choice as a weapon. The Triple Barrel RPG is only useful on maps where rocket jumping could be extremely helpful. Players can compensate for the RPGs low flight speed by aiming slightly ahead of moving targets. Because of the RPG's great accuracy, it can be used to snipe but it is generally only useful against non-moving targets.

The high damage inflicted by Antipersonnel Grenades makes them an effective weapon when enemies are in a confined area such as a house in the Multi-Hill game mode. Throwing a grenade through a window will often result in a kill. In most modes, there is no reason to pick the regular grenade over the antipersonnel grenade, as it is less powerful and higher block damage is not particularly useful.


The Commando match-ups article contains strategies for dealing with other classes as a Commando.


Approximate damage values for the Commando class. Please note that this image has only approximate damage values as it does not account for range falloff, limb/body damage differences, and shotgun damage per pallet.



"Let's see them survive this."
"They won't get past me."
"No mercy."
"This'll leave a mark."
"Lock and load."

Steam Trading Card Description


The Commando is a one man army. His brawn is definitely bigger than his brain, making him a heavy weapons specialist that will rain destruction down on anyone foolish enough to get in his way.



When first released, the Commando had very few facial features and a very plain outfit.
The old appearance of the Commando.
His appearance was likely changed because it looked too much like the Deuce from Classic CTF.

When playing the tutorial, the player plays as the Commando, but with the old maximum health value and with a pistol.

Related Achievements

Image Name and Objective Notes
RiddleMeThisUnachieved.jpg RiddleMeThis.jpg Riddle Me This
Demolish a structure of 50 blocks or more using the minigun
Only available in the Commando class.
SplashbackCashbackUnachieved.jpg SplashbackCashback.jpg Splashback Cashback
Make someone fall to their death using rocket launcher knockback
Only available in the Commando class.
DigDeepUnachieved.jpg DigDeep.jpg Dig Deep
Kill 10 enemies with the spade
Only available to the Commando class.
KubrickEquationUnachieved.jpg KubrickEquation.jpg Kubrick Equation
Lunar Base: Destroy the monolith with the rocket launcher
Only available to the Commando class.
SkyrocketsinFlightUnachieved.jpg Skyrocketsinflight.jpg Sky Rockets in Flight
Score 5 direct hits with rockets while airborne
Only available in the Commando class.